Mohan Dere

Hi! 👋 I’m Mohan, a web developer from India.

My passion is to help peoples around glob to build their businesses. I work on Business and E-commerce websites and web applications development. I like to keep myself busy exploring many exciting aspects of web technologies such as React/Angular/Backbone/Node, ES6, HTML5 APIís, CSS Animations, PHP etc. I also occasionally write blogs. I have made some contributions to open source. I also like to follow a great peoples in the community.

Web is really a cool place to hang out (or 'hang in' should I say!?). Here, you can build anything you like. Recently, I have released a few jQuery plugins too. You can get them from Github

I love to play with WordPress. I have desinged and developed many websites on WordPress. Here, you can view my contribution to WordPress which includes writing plugins and solving core bugs.

Building something new/creative/cool really makes me happy.

Also i enjoys meeting crazy peoples, traveling, sitting aside of flowing water and of course music.

Across the Web

You can also know more about me and my work here:

Featured Projects [OPEN SOURCE]

I work on a lot of projects, so here’s a list of few of them.

# Tukaram Gatha(App)

Tukaram Gatha is a Marathi language compilation of book. it includes some 4,500 abhangas(poems).

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# jq button range slider

Jquery range slider with button.

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# WP FastClick

WP FastClick plugin remove click delays on browsers with touch UIs.

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# WP Time Sheets

Visual representation for your data/events in different time frames.

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# Reframer

Reframer makes unresponsive elements responsive, such as embedded iframe, videos or you can choose element which you want to make it responsive.

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# yoTabs.js

Simple jquery Tabs with radio selection.

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